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Hardy Noces d'Or Sublime

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Product description

A part of the sought-after Prestige collection, the Noces D'Or is an incredibly appealing Cognac. Made from a carefully assembled blend of over 40 different eaux-de-vie from the highly renowned Grande Champagne region. Dating back 30, 40, 50 and 60 years, every bottle has undeniable history and expertise. A sublime, rounded, balanced Cognac with a delightful blend of fresh and floral notes.

A true classic with a favourably unique blend, The Hardy's prestigious history of creating top-quality Cognac comes into its own in this creation. It's the perfect choice to be enjoyed on a special occasion worthy of a superior Cognac celebration.

Displayed in a delightful art nouveau decanter, the rarity of this delight is evident at first glance. Showcasing sleek lines, sophistication and superiority are beautifully communicated with style and grace. A hand-etched glass plaque featuring the house's coat of arms and the recognizable Hardy Rooster makes this a bottle you won't forget.

A beautifully complimented blend of mahogany and copper tones. The nose is well-balanced and delightfully pure. Floral aroma, with enticing notes of budding lilac. Freshness from the first hit on the palate, due to a lively alcohol onset, with a subtly of candied cherries to follow. Wonderfully balanced, with a perfect blend of fruity, flowery and slightly woody notes.