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Leopold's Gin No.25

Product description
Leopold Bros. looked to the orange orchards on the rolling hills of Santa Catarina, Brazil to start. Green and Red Mandarin Oranges have grown in this region for centuries, and it is here that they found the flavours they were seeking. When this fruit is harvested in September, the Mandarin Orange is green in colour, yielding an aromatic peel used in cuisines around the world. When these same Oranges are harvested in late December, they yield a reddish fruit that has a floral and intense citrus aroma similar to its cousin, the Tangerine.

Leopold Bros. distills Santa Catarina’s Green and Red Mandarin Oranges separately, blending the two distillates together in the final gin. This allows the two contrasting flavours to work in concert, marrying citrus and floral notes to a piquant finish. In addition to the citrus, they finish the Gin with earthy and savoury notes using Orris Root, Juniper, Sri Lankan White Pepper, and South African Rooibos Tea.