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Maison No. 9 Rose 2022

Product description

The Grammy Awards were taking place and Post Malone was wrapping up a long day of rehearsals with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He went for dinner, and his longtime friend introduced him to James Morrissey. James spent the evening describing a vineyard in the South of France, which was producing the most incredible Rosé he had ever tasted. Having an affinity for French wine, they all talked about how they found themselves and their friends drinking more Rosé recently, but hadn't found a blend or brand that stood out as their favourite. Ten days later, the trio was on the French Riviera, sitting at the winery, sampling the grapes. They fell in love with the liquid, the landscape, and the Mediterranean lifestyle. It took multiple trips and tasting over 100 Rosé blends until they found the perfect one and when they did, Maison No. 9 was born.

From its sunlit fragrance of midsummer strawberries and sliced white peaches to its silky eruption on the palate, this wine captivates. Flavours immediately cascade with barely there suggestions of ripe berries, warm stones and a whisper of white pepper before tapering to a long languid finish of lemon, bitter orange then finally grapefruit. Allusive, articulate and pure, this quiet interplay of aromas and flavours flits like quicksilver on the nose and palate, feeling emotive and drawing you back for more.