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Chateau de Purcari 'Negru De Purcari' 2020

Product description

Purcari is putting Moldova on the world wine map with this famous noble blend ordered by the Royals of Europe for many years. A complex conversation wine that is serious but approachable, elegant but ripe for drinking tonight while the rest of the case reaches its peak in the cellar. 

Noble with a rich structure and a generous bouquet, it truly has a regal palate. Intense ruby colour with a garnet hue. This wine seduces you with a velvety taste, balanced with oak and fruit tones. The bouquet surprises with fine shades of plums, chocolate, and figs and develops, revealing the fine aromas of vanilla and saffron. Negru de Purcari fascinates with a noble and magnificent taste, its value continuously increasing each year.