Shinobu 10 Year Old Pure Malt Whisky
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Shinobu 10 Year Old Pure Malt Whisky

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Product description

'Shinobu' means 'forbearance' in Japanese, symbolizing the spirit of a samurai, like making great spirits which takes time, patience and persistence.

Award-winning Shinobu Single Malt 10 Year spent most of its days in bourbon and sherry casks before it was transferred to Japanese Mizanura oak for a finish, imparting earthy, woody notes to the whisky. A suitably well-rounded expression. 

Distillery Notes:  Fresh wood barrel dominates the spirit with a touch of vanilla and flowers that lead to a breath of nectar.  Maltose, a little bit tones of fruits citrus, Mizunara oak, coffee beans.  Medium, woody, back to sweet aftertaste of maltose.  The flavor from alcohol is not that strong, compared to its labeled year, which tastes smooth and easy to drink.