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Tapatio Excelencia Gran Reserva Extra Anejo Tequila

Product description

100% agave añejo from Carlos Camarena of the La Altena distillery. A simply stunning Tequila.

Appearance... Mahogany colour, dark amber with reddish tones. Great body and clear presence of essential oils, which hang from the glass.

Aroma... A large concentration of vanilla, maple, caramel and apple, which perfectly complement the intense cooked agave, roasted peppers, cinnamon and spice aromas. If allowed to breathe, it releases aromas of baked bread, sweet pea and delicate floral notes.

Taste...The fabulous intensity of flavour with all the aromatic elements perfectly delineated: intense cooked Agave, cake, spices, brown sugar, chocolate, vanilla and caramel, nuts and light spices, all of which are assembled into a sumptuous whole, with the creamy taste of oak. A warm, rich, quite intricate and incredibly long finish. Wave after wave of flavours perfectly intermingled and quite complex.

Tequila to taste neat. Comparable to the best whiskies or cognacs that exist in the market.