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Tormaresca 'Calafuria' Salento Rosato 2021

Product description

Known as the name behind the Modern Renaissance of Puglia in the winemaking industry. The Tormaresca wine label was established in the year 1998 by the Antinori Family. A prime reason for establishing this brand was to bring out the maximum potential of the rich terroirs found in the Murgia Alo Salento regions in Apulia. It takes its name from the over 700 bays on the Apulian peninsula. The region has a long tradition in the production of Rose wines made with Negroamaro, a variety that best expresses its full potential near the sea. 

On the nose both intense and delicate with fragrant notes of peaches, roses, and violets. It is a fresh and balanced wine, highly savoury and with much aromatic persistence.